Friday, August 15, 2014

Conquering the Grey Mountain

Most gamers have their Grey Mountain. That pile of plastic, metal, resin, or even restic (*spit*) that accumulates over the years and different projects. Most stuff gets built and added to armies, but there are usually those few models that you plan to get to, "eventually".

Recently, Ive noticed that my Grey Mountain is growing much faster than I could keep up with. Normally, Ill buy a pile of stuff, build most of it, then paint what I can before I get distracted and move on. Recently though, I havnt even gotten to the build stage before finding something new to distract me.

My excuse usually runs something like "Ill get back to them after I build these guys", or "I need this other unit for this list" or something like. One unit is on the shelf "until I trust my greenstuff skills".

So, in order to turn the pile of boxes and sprues into something I can take to a game in all its unpainted glory, Im trying to work through my Grey Mountain. Not bothering to worry about how Ill eventually paint them or even if I will. Not wasting time on putting sand on bases or priming them. Just bare plastic and an army list to get them on the table.

Id better hurry up though, I have another box of models on its way...


Richard Rush said...

I'm trying something new this year to keep my grey mountain from growing... I've been tracking, month to month, the difference between what I spend on minis and the MSRP of every mini I finish painting, trying to keep the difference as small as possible.

It's hard to say if it's been effective because yeah: I'm still buying more than I've been painting... but the difference hasn't actually been too out of whack: in the negative (painting more than I bought) for a couple of months, nearly zero for a couple of months, and never too big.

Ryan C said...

That is an interesting idea! I might have to steal it a bit down the road.