Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Do you smell bacon?

So, I did something a bit silly....

Yep, that is a box of Farrow minions for Hordes. I am giving up on working on the Convergence, simply not inspiring to me anymore. Plus, you know, all the plastic mold lines in horrible places.

Now, the Farrow are actually just the first part of something silly. See, Im shooting to go to TempleCon this coming year, and... you guessed it, Im going to be running Bacon Boys. This means I should probably learn how to play them, right?

Now, that pic is from a few weeks ago, and Ive managed to slap glue and plastic and metal together a bit. So far Ive got a War Hog and Bone Swarm together, and am in the middle of some Slaughterhousers. "Bone Swarm? Isn't that for Gators?" Yeah, but Midas can use them in his theme list, and that is what I am working on building first. You know, in between units of Orks...

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