Monday, December 30, 2013

Looking forward to 2014

Im not a fan of resolutions. Never have been. If something is worth changing for, then why wait for a set date? Change what you need to change, and be done with it!

Having said that, I have some goals to meet in 2014. The Wife and I are doing a Wargaming tour of Scotland and England in September, and I need a 1500 point list prepared. Im planning on my Storm Fists, for now...

Lets do this all number style, shall we?

Primary Goals
1. Finish painting my Storm Fists.
2. Dust off and play with my Tyranids, once the new book is out.
3. Finish assembling my Skaven, and get back into WHFB.
4. Play at least one game a month.
5. Decide what I am doing with WarmaHordes. Continue with the Circle and Convergence, or what?
6. Get back into my "model a day" painting routine.

Secondary Goals
1. Post a model for Miniature Monday every week in 2014.
2. Continue the Top Ten.
3. Post something beside the Top Ten each week on the blog.
4. Pick up a Malifaux force, and maybe learn to play.
5. Try out Deadzone, and see if it is something I want to play.

Special Goal
Those on Twitter saw a pic I posted recently, of a rather large box... My goal for that is to have it all assembled before the end of February, and possibly have it all painted before the end of the year. It is currently a SECRET PROJECT, but will be revealed in time... And yes, DT, you should be afraid...

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Disorderlies Tyrant said...

I accept your Monthly Game Challenge.