Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 in review

Its about that time again, isnt it?

2013 was an "interesting" year in my house. Up through August, I was expecting '13 to go down as one of my worst years yet (still wont win any awards), with car issues and the financial difficulties that often come with those.

And then, September happened. Wife and I said "No more back-lot deals!" and got something "new-ish". With a warranty. We have a car payment, but its still cheaper than the amount we were socking away to pay for repairs. And then, the VA FINALLY settled the wife's disability (only been fighting for 5 years), and we suddenly had disposable income... which means I suddenly had a proper hobby fund again.

So, enough of that, what happened with the hobby over the year? Well, I finished off all my Red Scorpions. Ive since picked up a few models to expand the Honor Guard, but they are sorta gathering dust at this point.

I started a Nurgle Chaos Marine "Black Crusade", but kinda lost interest, and they are boxed away.

Ive got a decent start on a Dark Angels force, that might be used as allies for other 40k armies.

I finished painting my Cryx, and sold them off. Decided I needed to clear them out and remove the distraction.

I have barely done any work on my Circle Orboros collection, though I did pick up a WoldWrath.

I started a Convergence of Cyriss force, currently I need to paint "blue glow" on half the models to finish them, and then paint Aurora.

I started a Skaven force, started with the IoB models, but added a Battalion box and some Stormvermin. The IoB models are done. The Stormvermin are about 30%, and the battalion is still unassembled...

I finally joined in on the Horus Heresy craze, and have a few squads of Night Lords in the works. These are going a lot slower than Id like, as they are a bit more expensive, and few of the locals seem overly interested in 30k gaming.

With winding down on the Red Scorpions, I decided to work on another Space Marine chapter. I put together a squad and Captain from the Minotaurs, but decided they were not quite what I was looking for. So, I dusted off an old favorite of mine, and redesigned the Storm Fists.


Killshot Productions said...

I know what you mean about having a crappy 2013, I'm very happy to hear that your wife's claim with the VA has been resolved. It can take a long time for veterans to get the help they deserve.

You always seem to have more projects than time to complete them! Looking forward to watching your projects in 2014.

Ryan C said...

Thanks, and yeah, it does take a long time. I feel bad for those who dont have a good support system while trying to fight this fight. :(

Haha, I actually have trimmed down my projects. Nowhere as bad as I was when you lived in the area. ;)