Friday, May 24, 2013

Army listing

Been a while, huh?

Figured now was as good a time as any to sort out my list of projects, and since you have been without my soothing words, Id share with you! This is a full and (mostly) accurate list of all my armies, whether afloat or dead in the water.

Red Scorpions
Aside from 4 Rhino-backs, I have a complete Battle Company, plus a few extras. The problem is Im tired of them, and they are at a natural quitting point. Motivation to continue is limited, but Im going to try to add to them soon anyways...
Nurgle project
Currently, I have two units finished, or soon to be finished. Far from my plans of a vast combined Nurgle Horde, but Im not ruling them out yet.
Night Lords
A squad of 5 CSMs is where these guys stand right now. Not sure if they will evolve into a full army, but I wont cry if they dont, as I am using them as practice for when I start my Horus Heresy era Night Lords legion force.
Word Bearers
Aside from that single Terminator Lord, I havnt gotten around to painting anything else for them. In fact, I think I reappropriated any models I would have used for them!
Dark Angels
I have been toying with using these as a full army, but for right now I think I have decided to just paint up what I have as allies for my Red Scorpions. 
Space Wolves
Right before I started the Tyranids, I picked up a box of infantry. Got them half painted, and decided I was sick of power armor. See how well that worked out for me?
I was trying to pawn these off on a friend who needs motivation to play, but Im thinking about adding to them once again. Its an even 1500pts currently, with plenty of room to grow.
Dark Eldar
I picked up a battleforce box a while back, and got them all basecoated, then lost interest. Recently I pulled them back out, and am thinking of sticking them back into the painting rotation. Maybe. Would be a nice change up from my usual Power Armor shenanigans.
Imperial Guard
I was digging through old stuff a month ago, and discovered I have a hefty little pile of metal Tallarns. Some are painted in a crappy red/tan scheme. I also found three squads of the older (metal) stormtroopers, remnants of my Daemonhunters army from a decade ago. Not sure why they didnt go with the Great Purge...

Ogre Kingdoms
I got myself all worked up over these guys at release, bought and assembled 2000 points... and lost interest. One unit and a pair of Butchers fully painted, the rest sitting in their basecoats. Just no interest in working on them.
Chaos Warriors
Most of my Chaos Warrior stuff is leftovers from previous attempts. Most of what I have is converted for Nurgle. Maybe someday Ill get motivated (probably after I buy their book!).
My current obsession for WHFB, I picked up IoB and a box of Stormvermin, that gives me about 1000 points. Plan is to not burn myself out on them, buying and painting a single unit at a time.
Remember when the Bret battalion came out? Me neither, yet I apparently picked it up with an eye to painting them... They are still not, and likely never will. A lot of the models didnt take the various moves very well.
Im not entirely sure that I actually still have these models, but I seem to remember seeing them recently... I had a set of the Night Goblins from the previous WHFB starter set, that I wanted to use to start my Under And Over The Mountain army. Someday I might go back to that.

Circle Orboros
The Circle Project continues, I am missing three Warlocks, and have theme requirements for about 3/4 of them. Currently collection is about half painted.
Battle Box Project
This is surely the "redheaded stepchild" of my project list. They sit in their little cupboard, waiting for me to pay attention to them.

You might notice that I dont have Cryx listed here... they have moved on to a new home, so I am obviously looking for a new Warmachine army. ;)

So, now that we are all on the same page about my projects, lets see if I can keep up with my posting, and get back into painting!


WPS Seb said...

Seems like you have a lot of armies. most of them painted up for less then 50%. This will cause painters burn out. I have experienced it's never a good idea to see what you still have and what you still have to paint.

It works best if I keep focussed on 1 army and only put out 1 unit or vehicle at the time to paint and I'm not allowed in my model storage untill the damn thing is painted.

Ryan C said...

Not as many armies as I used to have, luckily.

Ive tried the "one at a time" method, and that usually leads to me playing a LOT of WoW...