Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pics of the Red Scorpions 5th Company

Plenty of people can say they have a fully painted Battle Company. Not so many can say its from the Red Scorpions chapter. Yes, I am still missing 4 Rhinos, but they will get added, soon...

 5th Company Captain, with his Command Squad. I should do more work on that banner.
 Lord Commander Carab Culln.
 Magistar Sevrin Loth, and Honor Guard.
 The four Dreadnoughts of the 5th Company.

So, aside from the Rhinos, am I finished? I dont think so. I want to start adding the "fun stuff": Tanks, Terminators, Bikes, Scouts... Other stuff. Over on Twitter, Ive even toyed with the idea of going for the full Chapter (Im 10% of the way already!). If I can keep from getting distracted elsewhere, the future is looking very interesting for my Red Scorpions.

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Siph_Horridus said...

I've had the fun stage with my Relictors as I am always distracted by nice resin or plastic crack, however my Relictors are now 3 members of a Command Squad away from a full Battle Company (plus a substantial 'fun' armoury of Dreads, Tanks, Termies, Bikes, Flyers, Drop Pods, Titans etc etc

Great to see yours all lined up like that, there is no better sight (except maybe that with Titans?) Hee Hee ;)