Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Not quite dead yet

Right. Pretty quiet here lately. I am still kicking, and still painting. Been quiet because Ive been trying to decide on some stuff.

For WarmaHordes, Ive pretty much dedicated myself to painting and collecting Circle Orboros. In fact, I received my newest order earlier today: a few new warbeasts, a second unit of druids, Mohsar, and the Lord of the Feast. My overall goal for these guys is to get a tier 4 list for each and every Circle Warlock. So far, I have Baldur 1 & 2, and Mohsar "collected". I have the model for Cassius, but his full force is further down the road, as I want those plastic Skinwalkers, rather then the expensive metal ones. So, what is the paint status for this collection? Aside from the new stuff in today, and a Wayfarer I picked up on Saturday, its all painted. Ill see about taking pics... eventually.

Ive got myself a shopping list made up, what I think is the most efficient order to pick up models and knock out tier lists, and I might even stick to it! A few things are on hold for that new 2-player set, like any caster needing Skinwalkers or more Argus (Kaya2, Cassius, Grayle).

As far as 40k, WHFB, and all else GW... Dunno. As Ive stated on Twitter, Im not sure if GW has priced themselves out of my reach yet. I dont want to "Doom & Gloom" or Ragequit, so Im taking my time to decide. Knowing me, another couple months and Ill decide to go with it. Maybe. Im not entirely sure, but I think something will change, no matter what, and I dont mean just upgrading from 5th to 6th.

So, what about other games? Infinity, Malifaux, others? Nothing is really grabbing at me right now. Malifaux swamp gremlins are amusing, but not enough to want to start a new system right now.

Last thing before this wall of text falls over and crushes us all: The Top Ten. My home computer has been restored to its rightful place of power. In theory, I could start it up tomorrow morning, after work. In practice, Im thinking Im going to let it stay. For now. Maybe. Dunno.

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Kristin Carnes said...

Yeah, you fixing your computer means that I have my laptop back... So, HOORAY FOR THE FIXED DESKTOP!!! *the hired band plays a rousingly cheerful song that I can't identify, but who cares?!*