Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Well now, a month since my last post. Whoops. Id like to blame the little green men, but they had excellent wifi, It was just me slacking off.

Its not like I wasnt busy, I just didnt post about it...
First off, a peek at the top shelf of my desk. This is every model I need to paint for every army I currently play. As of about a week ago. The painted Red Scorpions have since moved off... 

Next up, a pic of my desk, I cleaned it this weekend. I also cleaned a bit more after this was taken, mainly relocating the books that are just barely in pic on the left.
 Now, a quick look at the Termagants and my Hive Tyrant. As you likely saw above, he has been primed since. I do have better pics of the Termagants, I just need to upload them.

Lastly, some friends of mine got married this weekend, and I had to play dress up. I decided to get the wife to take a pic, just to prove to my family that I do clean up nicely. ;)

Right, lets see... I decided to relocate the unfinished to the desk shelf, so I could have a visual count down of what needs work, and moving stuff off as it is finished has been a good motivator. So far, I am down to 9 Circle models, 13 Cryx models, 19 Red Scorpions, 40 Tyranids, and 23 Ogres. 104 total. 4 of those are monster sized models. Not too bad, Ive had entire armies with more models then this. At the moment, the two Butchers, BSB Bruiser, and a random bull are in the middle of getting paint slapped on them.

I also finally got sick of how the squad markings on my Red Scorpions looked, so I repainted and added decals. For the most part, it was easier then I expected. The Battle Company is almost finished. I havnt decided yet if I am going to add to this, or sell them and start something different (Im sorta in the middle about this). I do know Im not starting anything until at least one army's models have moved off the table (go motivation!). Current contenders are Empire for Fantasy, and Dark Angels or Chaos for 40k. Not really feeling the need to add to my WarmaHordes list currently.

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