Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ryan's Top Ten #3

Number three, without a break. I might just keep up with it this time!

1. Morback has a variant Great Unclean One in the works. I love the gas mask!
2. Nice unit of Ungors by RedManPhil.
3. Tom's pole house makes me want to work on a swamp table.
4. Here is an interesting Big Dred conversion by Scott.
5. Loler painted up a really nice (as in nasty) Nurgle Lord.
6. Lucky No.5 didnt care for the Grotesque model, so he converted some of his own!
7. Mordian 7th also felt the call of the Dark Eldar, this time with some Reavers.
8. Cool looking battlewagon over at Figurkowo.
9. Chris shows us a nice looking Slanneshi Beastman Standard Bearer.
10. Lastly, but by no means least, Drew has a large number of pictures of Puppet Wars models, each and every one very well done.

In other news, some of you may have noticed I swapped to the truncated rss feed (that I really do hate). I am planning on this being a temporary thing, so I can get a good guess of how many people actually read this thing. Suffer through it with me for a few weeks, maybe a month, and Ill swap it back!


LuckyNo.5 said...

Thanks for the shoutout!

lé kouzes said...

I'm glad to read you liked my great unclean one! ;-)

Thanks for the link.