Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 in review and looking at 2012

2011 was a year of changes, wasn't it? I just went through my past year of posts.

Lets see. I was doing the Top Ten at FtW, then I quit (sorry, retired). Ron was doing it, then got burned out, and I took it back... Then I dropped the ball and went on hiatus. Now, it is back.

I started a new regular post, my weekly hobby thing, and I must admit that it has inspired me to work a bit more on my models. Just so I don't have to say I didn't do anything hobby related each week.

I've got a new camera, and I have learned a bit about posting pictures on the blog. Now if Id post a few more!

I've been slacking on the gaming side, but I have gotten a few more games in then 2010.

My number of armies was gutted. Almost literally. I have a few Space Marines that I am working on, my Ogres, and Cryx. Those are the armies. I also have a selection of models from most of the other Warmachine/Hordes factions that I am working on. Toying with starting Black Legion Chaos Marines again.

So, what is ahead for 2012?

Your guess is as good as mine. I know of one major change in the works, but I'm not at liberty to discuss that yet.

Lots of rumblings about a new Chaos Marine codex, and that will likely draw me back out into the multiple army arena, but at the same time, I am considering cutting even more of my Space Marines away (maybe all of them). Who knows?

I am trying to force myself to stay with just the Ogres for Fantasy. Don't want to get over loaded again, but I keep looking at the other armies and getting inspired.

I am planning on keeping with Cryx as my Warmachine army, and starting a new Circle Orboros force for Hordes (more on that next week, hopefully).

Lastly, I hope to branch out some. I really want to give Malifaux a try. No idea which faction, I just know the models are pretty, and the rule system intrigues me. Infinity also interests me, some. I think the Disorderlies Tyrant plays both....

Keep your eyes open, 2012 looks to be interesting.


Disorderlies Tyrant said...

Sadly I play EVERYTHING. I stopped trying to rationalize it.

Of course I can barely play Malifaux myself so teaching it might be... interesting!

Drkmorals said...

You can't keep a good top ten down!!! lol. Actually being newer to the hobby and the online scene than most I didn't even know there was a top ten at FTW before. =P Let alone that two people have already been doing it in the past. I actually had started doing a highlight post on my blog of FTW content and was asked to step over and make it more official. I didn't know I am living up to others expectations!!! =P