Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekly Hobby Update Thing #8

Its kinda odd. I spent almost two dozen months promoting other peoples projects each week, now I am not doing that (still havnt decided if I am going to bring it back), but I am talking about my own (less then inspiring) projects.

Slow week on the painting table. Scaverous got his browns and bones painted, he just needs the green glow done and basing. Hopefully Ill get pics done in time for next week's post. I also did a small amount of work on Erebus.

I decided to slap a few ink washes on my Legion of Everblight models, next up I will be highlighting the flesh, then moving onto the armored parts.

As much as Id wanted to work on my Nurgle Chaos Warriors last week, all I did was touch up the green stuff work. Maybe next week.

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