Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday Gaming

I made it out to Games and Stuff for Tuesday WarmaHordes. Fun was had, I played two games, and learned a bit!

I used the same list for both games:

Skarlock Thrall
6 McThralls
Withershadow Combine
Warwitch Siren
Wraith Engine
2 Necrotechs (free thanks to theme)

Tier four, 35 points. No Wraith solos to take advantage of the third benefit, but the rest worked fine for me.

First game was against Cryx, pSkarre. Lessons!
Pay attention to where you deploy!
Spend less time debuffing when you could just charge in and shove a chain-scythe where the sun doesnt shine.
No matter how much of a "sure thing" it is that you will kill their caster, DO NOT park your caster in front of Deathjack.
If you are going to take Scaverous, bring a few more models with magic abilities.

In the end, Skarre was down to 1-2 points, and Deathjack came over to give hugs (painful hugs!). Id TK'ed her to get back shots, and Icy Grip'ed her to lower her DEF, when the focus would have been better spent on a second Excarnate. Ah well.

Second game was against pDoomshaper. This one was a lesson in humility.

Number One Lesson Learned: Ask what a feat does when your opponent announces it. I didnt ask, and got too close and cast Feast of Worms on some dig-mies. 4d6 damage later, Scaverous was sitting at 2 health, and framed between Erebus and the Slayer. The dig-mies shot the last two points off.

I am thinking I will be running this list again a few more times before making changes, just to give it a fair shake, but I do know Ill be swapping something out for another Warwitch Siren and maybe some Cephelyx Overlords, eventually.

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