Friday, May 20, 2011

Using objectives to make memorable games

So, when Deo and I play, I usually whip out a small pile of drum-style barrels to use as objectives. They are quick, easy, and simple to spot on the table. Over time, we have made the joke that they are full of Red Scorpion brand chili. Of course, this brings on a load of jokes regarding bodily functions. Yes, we are 12 years old, what did you expect?

Anyways. Its gotten to the point that every battle is "For the Chili!", and there is a bit of story over it all now.

Last time I drove out there, I forgot the barrels. They were in the case with my Red Scorpions, and I took my Grey Knights instead. So, do you know what we did? Deo scattered a few giant rats about, and we called them the Chili. This battle was the Grey Knights trying to take or destroy the chili before the foul xenos could use it to inflict even more suffering on the universe. They failed.

Deo is considering moving even further north fairly soon, and I think I need to try to win the chili back from the Dark Eldar before he leaves, lest he taint New England with that Red Scorpion brand chili goodness.

(Oh, and I think I am gonna repaint the barrels to actually look like chili cans)

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Deo said...

The north east coast will suffer many long nights of intestinal distress and I shall gain many pain tokens. Moohaha! -Deo