Monday, May 23, 2011

GW Policies, and what they mean to me

So, like a great many people, I initially read about GW's price changes and "embargo" of the rest of the world with great rage. However, I do that every year. At least the price change bit. I was talking to a friend on Twitter, and he got me thinking, what does this actually do to me? I mean directly?

I am not in Australia or New Zealand or Asia, GW did the best they could to clip the wings of our online retailers almost a decade ago. So, while I believe what they did is a blunder of massive proportions, it doesnt really hurt me (for now).

"Finecast" and other price increases. I play Space Marines almost exclusively now. Scratch that, I play Space Marines EXCLUSIVELY now. What metal models are there for them? Thunderfire cannons, Veterans, and characters. I was already planning on kit-bashing veterans and characters. So Finecast doesnt really affect me unless I want it to.

The price increase bothers me, especially if I am paying more for a tactical squad then I do to fill my car with gas. However, Ive been paying a "resin tax" on my Red Scorpions for a while now, so, to be honest, I can absorb this increase like I have all the rest.

In the end, I am pissed that GW is looking out more for its shareholders then for its customers, however like the sheep I am, I will continue to purchase their product. In the very short term, however, I am focusing on my Protectorate of Menoth models.


NockerGeek said...

This is kind of where I'm at. My armies are almost entirely purchased, if not complete. Unless I pick up a third army (which I wasn't really planning on anyway), price increases (which I've come to accept) and the Finecast cost increase (which I'm actually fine with) don't affect me. The reseller trade restrictions, while unfortunate for south of the equator, don't affect me either. Boycotting the game and the company that produces it doesn't make any sense from me.

Also, no one else produces a game that grabs my interest the way 40K does, so it's not like there's anything to fall back on if I decided to ditch my 40K hobby out of spite.

eriochrome said...

The price increase just makes the difference between FW and GW lower.

NockerGeek should note that if the price increases do not affect you because you are not buying anything, does that just imply that you have already effectly boycotting the company. Why would you not be interested in starting a third army? Do you have no interest at all or is it just not worth the price anymore?

Now take one more step back and ask yourself if you were a new player sort of looking at the options would this price level help draw you in as you find out to play a tourney level game with most armies the price tag is now like 400 dollars not to mention the extras when the list has to be adjusted with each new codex.

NockerGeek said...

The main reasons I haven't picked up a third army are:

1. I haven't decided on one yet (I want to avoid duplicating friends' armies, and right now we have every codex represented except IG, and they don't grab me)
2. I already have a backlog of CSM (almost 3000 points worth) to paint
3. I'm currently short on space to store an army (although once I rearrange our garage, that might change)

Price isn't an issue for me at the moment, other than I don't have the free income to pick up a new army on a whim (but then, I didn't have that before this year's price increase, or last year's). On the other hand, I bought a stack of CSM tanks at the beginning of the year, so it's not like GW isn't getting my money.

Is the cost of entry high? Sure, and I do think that GW makes some odd increases (Black Reach, Battleboxes) that make it higher. However, there's a difference between "getting into the game" and "getting into the game at a competitive level", and the latter tends to be expensive regardless of the game.