Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday Top Ten #111

First off, we will start with a freebie!

And now, our usual ten!

See ya next week!


Nesbet said...

Thanks for including me again in the list. I'm honoured.

But, there's a typo. Nesbet, not nesbit xD

And thanks for continuing doing TTT, I enjoyed a lot the other entries ;D

Anonymous said...


Thanks mate, I'm stoked to have made it in your top 10 twice now with such quality modelling around!

How did you end up going with the RS boys in the 30 day challenge? Did you win against your mate?

Thanks again!


Karitas said...

Nice to see you back after your hiatus :)

And thanks again for the nod, still makes me as proud as the first time, it really does.

I've got to ask though, with the recent re-awakening of FTW, will the top ten be moving back there? or being duplicated there?

Mordian7th said...

Thanks for the nod! Lots of awesome work on the list this week - and several blogs I wasn't familiar with but will be following closely now! Keep up the great work, everyone!