Friday, April 8, 2011

Redesigning the Crusade

Earlier this week I was in the midst of a conundrum. I was thinking I didnt want to include the Blood Angels or Dark Angels, because I wanted to paint something different then what every other person using those codexes use. That and I dont want to paint more red then I have to. But I did still want those books in my Crusade. However, I decided that in order to not be painting a ton of black armored chapters (seriously, most of their successors are black!), I may as well leave them as is.

Last week I got my copy of the Grey Knights codex, and a box of power armored Grey Knights, with the intention of converting them into Librarians... Well, my Crusade has grown from seven Chapters to eight. I am not counting this as a new army, as Id already included every other Space Marine codex, no reason not to include this one, right?

The post title said redesigning, right? Guess Id better explain that. I had the entire Crusade set up to view earlier, and all the unfinished models were somewhat depressing and daunting. So, they got packed up and I was trying to forget them. Not a good idea when Ive cut down to three-four armies, right? So, in order to make it manageable, each Chapter has a starting point set up, and Ill add units as the entire Crusade gets painted. For now, each has 2 Troops and 1 HQ set up. Once the entire group is painted, Ill add an Elite, Fast Attack, or Heavy Support to each.

So, looking at my existing Crusade, Ill just go down the list on where they stand.

Dark Angels: Two 5-man Tactical Squads, and a Company Master.

Blood Angels: Currently, 5 Death Company, 5 Tactical Marines, and Lemartes. Need to add an HQ, unless I want to use him as a Reclusiarch.

Space Wolves: Currently, one Wolf Priest. Need to add a unit of Grey Hunters and Blood Claws.

Marines Errant: Right now, I have a Librarian, Scout Squad, and a Tactical Squad with Razorback. Think they are all painted, so they are waiting on everyone else to catch up.

Imperial Fists: Captain and two Tactical Squads. One is mostly painted, the other needs to be finished (very close, mostly basing).

Grey Knights: Currently I have a Brotherhood Champion and a 5-man Strike Squad. I want to add either another Strike Squad or a Terminator Squad for this stage.

Red Scorpions: Yeah, these guys are just sitting and waiting for the rest to catch up. Two Tactical Squads and a Captain.

Black Templars: I have an Emperor's Champion and a Chaplain. Need to add a pair of Crusader Squads. However, whispers on the grapevine are that this will be the next Imperial Marine codex, and I could see them putting out a better kit for them. Seriously tempted to let them wait for now.

The stage one goal is going to be two full sized Troops choices (just 10 for the Death Company) with transports, and an HQ choice. I have not decided if I want to take Command Squads for the Chapters that get Captains, but I am not ruling it out at the moment.

The ultimate goal is still a Battle Company (or equivalent) for each.

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HuronBH said...

lofty goals but cool none the less. I did the same thing with Grey Knights, picked up a box to use to convert as Librarians and now I am playing the army... though mine will have a tweak.