Tuesday, February 8, 2011


"So, Ryan, what have you been up to?" Uhh... Ive finished Sevrin Loth, Carab Culn, and a Seether Helljack. Right now I am experimenting with washes on Cankerworm's base, and working myself up to finishing this Command Squad.

"Got any pics?" Nope, I am a slacker, as usual. But I might have some this weekend. Maybe.

"Get any games in?" *hangs head in shame* Nope.

"What has been taking your time up?" Oddly enough, chatting with fine folks on Twitter. Working more then is healthy for me. Very little WoW time really.

"Any ideas for what is next?" I was looking at Night Goblins earlier, but I still think Tomb Kings are my next army, if I can keep the Skaven hordes out of my sock drawer.


Mistress of Minis said...

I suck at taking pics to if I really get into the painting zone ;)

RTGamer said...

Pics or it never happened!