Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sons of Janus - Army Idea

So, I just had an odd idea: building an Imperial and Chaos army, with the same characters on each side. Sort of a "What If" army. Of course, I had to pick a scheme that would look good for both sides. I think this might work. ;)


Anonymous said...

Make the Chaos be a mirror version? Make sure to use Chosen/Posessed/Cults etc. to have variations in the armour and armour pattern.

Cool idea.

Ryan said...

Been chatting on Twitter about this idea, already decided to mirror the colors on the Chaos guys. But the idea is to have the exact same troops in each army. Terminators, Havoks, Raptors... Not sure how Id work Possessed in, but Ill be looking at them.

Meatball said...

I think this is a very unique idea and I am looking forward to seeing how it works out!