Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Riding off into the sunset...

My hands are shaking. My eyes are watering. Was this the reaction my mom had when she dropped me off at the Air Force Recruiters for the last time, knowing the next time she saw me I wouldn't just be her little boy anymore? Probably not, but maybe a faint echo.

By now you have likely read the most recent Tuesday Top Ten. Did you read the news bit at the bottom? Did it leave you screaming and ranting and cursing my name? Or did you say "Its about time, maybe Ron can saving this sinking ship"? Something in between? Im guessing a reaction of "Well, that sucks, but lets see what happens" is going to be the most common.

So, the question everyone is likely to be asking is "Why?". Well, Ive heard (especially in relation to a hobby) that "if it becomes a second job, its time to move on". Well, I realized as I was going through the old posts that yeah, it has become a job. And so, I move on. Obviously that is not all there is to it. When I started it almost two years ago, I did so to kill some time at work. Now, work is changing and I may not have the time I once had. Other stuff is happening, that is really not worth talking about here yet.

So, moving forward. I am passing the torch into Ron's keeping, and he will carry it forth to light those blogs that have posts worth sharing. And trust me, there are many out there. And I wish him the best of luck with it, whether he keeps it, or finds someone to fill my 9 1/2 boots. I sincerely look forward to seeing what the future holds over there. And in case you are wondering, I may wander back from time to time with a "guest list", if needed. I am keeping my massive blog roll, I just will no longer be looking at it as "should I mark this for the Top Ten?". Maybe I will even comment a bit more. One can hope.

With the future of the Top Ten in good hands, what about my hands? Am I starting a new project? Have I been poached by someone else to do something elsewhere? Am I quitting the hobby? The answer to these is no. Im going to keep working on my Cryx and Red Scorpions, and trying to hammer out a blog post a little more often then I have lately. Maybe even try to get my own stuff posted on the Top Ten. ;)

In the end, the Tuesday Top Ten is my baby, and like all proud parents, I have to step back and let that baby grow.


woroxon said...

Thanks Ryan, your work has helped too many, in both ways the ones that didn't have the time to browse around or simply shining light on those hidden gems you found.

anyway is good to see that your creations have a life of its own and I hope that the top ten list will be kept alive.

best wishes.

sonsoftaurus said...

Anyone can make a list of other people's stuff if they have time. Only you can make your own creations, be they minis or musings. Look forward to seeing them!

Loquacious said...

Thanks for sharing so many wonderful things. Take a break for yourself and enjoy something, Ryan.

HuronBH said...

Thank you for all your hard work. I understand about your feeling that when your hobby becomes a second job you need to step back and stop doing it as it is a job and no longer the hobby you enjoy. I am looking forward to seeing what you post on your blog now that you have more time for it (and other things).

Ryan said...

Thanks all, some of the best readers out there! :)

Warpaintguy said...

Thank you for all the effort you put in this. you must have had great determination or too much free time on your hands to come up with such a good list week after week.

Your list has brought me to start my own blog and share my projects with the rest of the world and I was hoping that some of my articles would make your list one day. (note to self: must suck up to Ron now...) My blog is only up for one week now but I think it already has some nice content but will upload more soon.

I enjoyed clicking the links that interested me so I thank you for putting the list together.


Ryan said...

Warpaintguy: I just looked at your site. You should have started sooner!

I dont think you will have much trouble with Ron... maybe just some of the competition.