Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy news

Well, I usually poke fun at people who have to blog on certain days, regardless of whether they have something to talk about or not. I prefer to put out material as I have it. Lately, however, Ive been sharing my "wisdom" on Twitter, and the blog has been quiet. Soooo.... In order to bring this to life, I am going to try (try being the operative word here), try to post something at least twice a week. Probably Monday and Thursdays. Hey look, its Thursday! Whatcha got Ryan?

Sorta long story, but it ends up with a happy ending. For me.

About a month and a half ago I had a performance review meeting with the owner of my company. I showed up 45 minutes late, wet, and in less then optimal interview clothing. Within the first three minutes he said "Due to the praises your bosses have been singing, we are giving you a raise, the only question is how much". He told me Id find out when I had my second review.

So, I had my second meeting (showed up on time for this one!) a few weeks ago, with the money man and my boss. Things went well, and he told me a number that was suitably impressive. I was told Id see it either this payday or next.

This payday went, and no raise. Ok, I was expecting that. My Boss called last night and said there had been a mix up, and they were giving me my raise as a separate check this time. I find the envelope and... Lets just say that if I didnt have car repairs that needed doing, Id be starting a new army today. Probably Skaven.

So, now that I know how much more I am making each month, I can safely say that I can seriously start adding to my armies once again. Not at the "single guy" rate, but far more then "one small order every 3-4 months". Probably a unit or two every other week.

So, the point I was trying to get to? If I can get the Sis-in-law to take some pics, things are going to get more interesting around here soon.

Now, I go and look and decide whether I am adding to Cryx or Red Scorpions first.... Ahh hell, Both. :)


HuronBH said...

First, congrats. That is great news. I am hoping for something similar but I submitted my review 12/29 and they are supposed to get back to me sometime between now and 3/1. That is what I get for working for a Fortune 500 company I guess.

Second. Might I suggest you pick up your own Camera with some of this new found cash flow, so you don't have to rely on others for pics?

Loquacious said...

Congratulations! What an exciting and fortuitous happening!

Ryan said...

Thanks all! :)

HuronBH: I actually do have a camera. Just between my inability to make it work (technology hates me), and my sis-in-law being a fantastic photographer (and living with us), its better to let her do it.

RTGamer said...

It's always nice to get a bonus to go and get more hobby stuff. I am currently looking at clearing out and startinga new army.

Since my move to the states I have tried to start no less than 4 armies. Need to consolidate it into 1 or 2 methinks.

Now do I want to play "round based nonsense"?