Thursday, June 10, 2010

Return of the Storm Fists

So, when I was stationed in Hawaii, I brewed up a Space Marine chapter called the Storm Fists. Obviously an Imperial Fist successor, they had grey armor with black shoulder pad trim and red weapons. At the time I was also collecting Empire from WHFB, so I stuck on all sorts of spare sheathed swords as well. I liked them, and spent a good amount of time painting on individual details. But Im sure some of you have seen the problem with these guys already.

Codex Grey Space Marines are either Space Wolves, or just not interesting to look at. So, I moved on to the Imperial Fists and the rest of the horde.


Fast forward a decade and change. Ive set my Red Scorpions aside, and set up the mass of assorted Space Marines up, trying to decide what to do with them. Out of one box that has been hidden for a few years, I find the old Storm Fists, and an idea forms. I want an army that has substantial heft to it, wears dark armor, and I wont have to spend too much money on... Why not repaint what I have? So, I am looking at alternate color schemes... Right now, this is my idea:

New and Sexy!

Obviously this idea is not set in stone, or Id be showing you painted models. One thing I am considering changing is making the shoulder trim grey, as a homage to the original grey. Another idea I had was blue helmets. But this scheme is a bit bolder then the original, and easier to paint. I am thinking the company colors will go on a kneepad, and the squad number on top of the unit badge.

Comments, suggestions, ideas?


bG said...

Not sure if its an issue with my computer setup or not, but I'm unable to view the images in the post - I tried to follow the link but it takes me to a blank page which seems to be somewhere in bolter and chainsword.

Ryan said...

Well, crap. They appear to be working fine from here, but Ill see what I can do.

IvorTangrean said...

I will be honest I do like the second paint scheme. In fact that was how I first painted my C:SM army. Until I got tired of all the death company comparisons, and met another player with the exact same paint scheme. I then added orange on the shoulder pads and graves, it really changed the look and feel of the army.

bG said...

Seems to be working fine now - really like the new scheme

AoM said...

That's Raven Guard. IIRC, their assault squads use the red shoulder trim.

Tinweasel said...

I say run with the grey, but just bump up the shading and the highlights. I don't think I've yet seen a Chapter that was painted to look LIKE a "storm" and I think even Codex Grey can be salvaged.

Go to Fortress > White edge highlights, and then do all your shading with something like Shadow Grey in the crevices to get a solid blue tint to all your shading. (I'd say the new GW Asurmen Blue Wash with overpainting in the crevices specifically, but I've never used the wash.)

No, Grey's just fine. The Black scheme looks like yet another Black Templars clone, even in adding grey shoulder pads. You've already got 'em grey, why not save yourself some work and just go back and detail them!

Vitor said...

I like the black with red trim. I know exactly how difficult it can be to come up with these decisions for your own chapter. I am currently doing just that myself. Check out my blog