Wednesday, December 16, 2009

You find some, you lose some.

Finally got my painting desk assembled... finally. The "hobby room" is still something of a disaster zone still, though. Ive got just enough of a path to get to the desk, and sit down. However, that is just enough for right now!

After a long search, I found my box of Space Marines, and got them set up. I also found a box that contained my Storm Fists. That was the chapter Id created and was working on while I was at Osan, and right after I got back. I took them out to play a few times, but after people kept thinking I was playing Space Wolves, I decided to shelf them in favor of the Imperial Fists, and I lost track of them. Well, they are out and on the table again... and seriously looking dated. Metal scouts. Metal/plastic hybrid special and heavy weapon troops. Still, they are more codex legal then the Gatecrashers.

Speaking of the Gatecrashers, Im thinking they are going back into the box, not to see light again for a while. That leaves models from ten Space Marine Chapters sitting on my desk right now... Ive got all them set up right now, and I discovered something slightly disturbing. I have 21 Tactical Squads. 19 of them are full 10 men, and two of them are 5 man combat squads.... If I ever get an Apocalypse game, I know what army Im fielding! ;)

So, as the title of this post suggests, I lost something as well... Well, that would be the cup Ive been using to clean my brushes in for the past seven years or so. I found a replacement, but Im hoping to see the old cup again soon....

Now, since I managed to get everything lined up, that means I got some painting done, right? A bit. I got a single coat of bleached bone on some Deathwing Terminators. Im planning on tearing into them tomorrow morning. Once I get them all bone colored, Ill be washing them with a brown of some sort, then breaking out the drybrush... At least thats the plan.


Da Green Skins said...

and no photos of your new painting desk for us to see. I'm sad.

Ryan said...

Well, its not a new desk, just the old one in a new place without the computer on it. Also, not quite so much of a mess as it was... yet.

Jason said...

Pics or it didn't happen. =)