Tuesday, December 15, 2009

State of the Blog, One year on.

So, one year ago I started this blog with a post about how introduction posts always suck, and true to form, it sucked. :)

Since then, however, things have gotten a lot better. I started up the Monday Top Ten as a way to kill time at work, and it was good. I had to move it to Tuesdays due to having to do it at home, and it was still good (sometimes). Ron, over at From the Warp asked for me to start posting it over at his site, for greater exposure of the different blogs out there... and you guessed it, it was good.

Reading some of my posts over the year has really opened my eyes as to how easily distracted I am (in case you couldnt guess, I was an ADHD child, and in ways I still am). A look into some of my Twitter posts just reinforces that. A quick look into my skull for some of the ideas I had but didnt post would reinforce that even more, if it were possible.

Im sort of disappointed by how few pictures Ive posted, and I did want to do a few more "Experimental Rules" posts then I did, as well as other army ideas.

So, looking ahead. In the next year I want to post more pictures of my models. More weird stuff. Hopefully Ill get some Warmachine stuff up as well.

I have two ideas for the Top Ten that Im considering implementing. The first one Im almost completely sold on is including a link to the one from one year prior. Obviously this wouldnt start until after February. I like this idea because cool stuff doesnt stop being cool because its old.

The second idea would require outside help, so Im not sure if I want to start it... basically, I have a volunteer provide a single link to include each week. Every week would be a different person, and they would know for the week in advance that its due. Again, unsure of this idea.

I dont know what else I want to change in the year, maybe fewer random posts and more that actually have modelling/painting stuff being done. We will see.

Finally, Thanks to everyone for reading, 108 followers as I type this and I know there are several others who just use a reader. I do appreciate all your reading and comments!



Mik said...

Congrats on one year on!

Disorderlies Tyrant said...

You? ADD?


Ryan said...

Mik, thanks! :)

DT, haha! Yeah, I know! My inlaws discovered real quick that mentioning monkeys was an easy way to have me completely lose my train of thought.

Disorderlies Tyrant said...

I imagine shiny objects work too.

They work on me, admittedly.