Friday, December 25, 2009

Regarding Fantasy...

Im still struggling with my ideas for a Warhammer Fantasy army... Up until this morning, these were the main contenders:

Skaven - New book, new models, wide variety of units. One of my favorites, and was the army that got me playing Fantasy in the first place.

Orcs and Goblins - Crazy variety of units, always good for a laugh.

Beastmen - New book coming up looks interesting, always been a fan of the more feral Children of Chaos.

Lizardmen - Models are nice, dinosaurs have always fascinated me.

Tomb Kings - Completely reliable army, new book is on its way. Added advantage of already having a significant amount of models.

So, these were what I was wracking myself over. If I were to choose a single force, I wanted to be sure it was one I could keep working on for the year. Then DT brought this to my attention.

Looks interesting, just gotta play one game on a specific weekend. Not bad at all. Four core choices and 1 dispel scroll? Not a problem. 2500 points, fully painted? Hrm. I have a good chunk of Tomb Kings, that wouldnt take too much work to get to 2500 fully painted points... But I have none of the Special units that are useful, like Carrion or Tomb Scorpions, and with the new book on its way, I dont know how easily I could lay hands on some, or if Id even want to.

I was planning that if I went with the Tomb Kings, I was going to start from scratch with the new book. New plastic skeletons and Tomb Guard are pretty much a given, and most of the rest of the stuff I have could use an update... But maybe Ill think about going with the dead ones in 2010, and just expand on what I have instead.


Steven Morrow said...

I would go with what you have albeit slightly updated for tournament play, until the new book comes out. I am doing the same with my Ogres.

Disorderlies Tyrant said...

It is my fondest WISH that the Ogres had a new book on the way...sadly I have heard no rumors to that effect. It's supposed to be Tomb Kings, then 8th edition, and probably new Empire and Orc books.