Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Grand Army of the Imperium

The Red Scorpions.

The Silver Skulls.

The Blood Angels.

The Space Wolves.

The Black Templars.

The Dark Angels.

The Imperial Fists.

The Marines Errant.

The Ultramarines.

Nine Space Marine Chapters, each proud defenders of the Imperium. Each one of these will be included in my 2010 40k project. I know, I know... the goal of this project was to cut down the number of different armies Im working on, not to include them all under one banner. Well, after discussing the idea with my brother, I decided to cut the whole project in half. Its just the Space Marines for now. The Inquisition and Imperial Guard elements are going to be shelved for now. I may add them back in later on this year, or maybe wait til next year. It all depends on how happy I am with the progress of the army as it goes.

With that done, that makes this a lot more manageable. Im still not going to make a specific plan for it all, but Ive been thinking that I want some kind of rough goal for each of the Chapters. So: Battle Forces or Task Forces. Each of these will get one of these descriptors.

A Battle Force will be capable of fighting nearly anything on their own (much like how the Red Scorpions prefer to fight), usually a battle company plus attachments from the 1st/10th and armory.

Task Forces will be smaller armies usually with a specific goal (a Dark Angels Master with a few squads plus some Ravenwing and Deathwing following rumors of a Fallen perhaps...). Probably a few squads from different companies. Sometimes even less.

So, which will be which?

Red Scorpions: Battle Force.
Silver Skulls: Task Force.
Blood Angels: Task Force.
Space Wolves: Task Force.
Black Templars: Task Force.
Dark Angels: Task Force.
Imperial Fists: Battle Force.
Marines Errant: Battle Force.
Ultramarines: Task Force.

Nice and easy to start off with. Those that are already larger armies get called Battle Forces, and those that are limited to just a few squads are called Task Forces. This does not preclude a Task Force from growing into a Battle Force if I decide to add more to them...


Rath of Un said...

That is not a bad idea for making an Army list.

sovietspace said...

And this is your attempt to scale down your tasks?? :P

This is a very brave undertaking mate, and I wish you the best of luck! You'll have a very impressive group of Astartes when you get it done.

Ryan said...

SovietSpace: The fun thing is that I already have a significant chunk of the models Ill be using for the project. It is already an impressive group of Astartes, I just need to get them all painted! ;)