Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Games

I say this now, without hesitation: If Deo EVER complains about "Cheesy Chaplains with an Assault Squad" I will punch him in the junk. Twice.

Been a while since Mikie (who posts here occasionally as Deo) and I have gotten in a game, so he came over Saturday and we got three 1k point games in.

For each game I used the same list, though I swapped the Captain for the Librarian for the 2nd and 3rd games.

I had:

Captain w/ Relic Blade, Stormbolter, Jump Pack, Digital Weapons

Tactical Squad w/ Missile Launcher, Plasmagun, Rhino w/HK Missile
VSgt w/ Power Weapon

Tactical Squad w/ Heavy Bolter, Flamer
VSgt w/ Power Fist, Stormbolter

Dreadnought w/ DCCW, Multimelta

Assault Squad w/2 Plasma Pistols
VSgt w/ Plasma Pistol, Power Fist

The Librarian I proxied bore a force weapon, plasma pistol, and jump pack, had the Epistolary upgrade and used the Force Dome and Might of the Ancients powers.

The first game I should have lost. Deo played Dark Eldar. I forgot to place the rhino, and the first tac squad got spooked off the table on turn one. Mandrakes came out of nowhere and ate my assault squad (he actually made it his mission this weekend to deny my having them charge at any opportunity... it worked for him) In the end, I managed to win, through pure stubborness.

Second and third games he proxied out for Craftworld Eldar. I got mangled the first game, the second one was a lot closer.

Yeah, I had the run in with the Howling Banshees charging a Doomed squad. He only did it the first time around, he wanted to try other stuff for the second game... I will admit, the Wraithguard walking up to your objective is a great distraction. They turned into a great tarpit, we slugged it out there for 5 turns I think. Im the end, Deo was left with a farseer, a warlock that had led the wraithguard, and a mangled (though still shooting) warwalker. I had three assault troops, and a rhino. Very messy game.

I still suck as battle reports, so Lessons!

#1 A librarian's psychic hood works best if you keep him near enemy psykers.
#2 Force Dome is nice, but not NICE.
#3 Rhinos are nice to have around, I need to get a few more.
#4 Mandrakes are not all that great in melee, but I think the uncertainty factor makes them useful as backup for a real assault squad.
#5 Dark Eldar (and CW Eldar at that) would be a real pain if mobilized.

Im sure I should rewrite this, but Ive got some work to do before the day shift gets in...


Deo said...

Yeah, those Howling Banshee's against a doomed squad were way more powerful then i expected.


Ryan said...

Yeah, they charged in and I was thinking "they only wound on a 5+, no worries!"

Then: worry.