Friday, August 21, 2009

Thinking out loud and expanding goals...

So, I have been fantasizing about winning that 5,000 point army from GW in that contest they are running... Ive been trying to keep myself realistic about my chances, but its still fun to think about.

So, my first thought was what army? That was quickly answered Red Scorpions. Id still have to shell out for the shoulder pads, but thats a small price to pay. :)

So, with that decided, what would I be wanting? Just going willy-nilly and picking the expensive stuff that Id never get around to getting is an amusing idea, but I think Id have to have a theme. I figure basing it around a single company would work... Battle Companies, and the first two reserve companies would be easy. Scout Company would be easy as well. Six foot scout squads, and a trio of scout biker squads, supported by three LR Crusaders and some members of the 1st company would eat the points up. What about the Veteran Company? I could do a "Scorpion Wing", using the Deathwing rules in the Dark Angels book, and Culln would make a good Beliel model. Another idea I had was the 8th company. Thats right, the Assault company. I could use the Blood Angels list for that... Assault squads as troops and bikers or land speeders as fast attack. Not exactly sure how Id count the Death Company, maybe as Scorpion veterans of some sort.

Of course, realising how flexible the fluff and the lists are for a normal, codex chapter has gotten me thinking about expanding my long term goals for the Red Scorpions... So far, my final goal was every unit choice painted in RS colors at least once, and to have the 5th Company in its entirety.

I think Im going to shoot for several goals here, each overlapping.

1st Company: I think you can max out at 47 terminator models in a Deathwing list. Seeing as the first founding Chapters are maxed out at 100 if they are lucky, I think its entirely realistic for the RS to have far fewer, maybe about 50... I want a full Scorpion Wing list.

Battle Companies/Tactical Reserve Companies: Im still working on the 5th Company, that is still major goal #1.

Assault Company: I want to be able to run an 8th Company list, should make for a nice change from the normal.

Something I just thought of, if I go with the Blood Angels list for the 8th company, Ill have to do something else for a Biker force... hmmm... the 6th is also trained in bikes, so there we go!

Devastator Company: Honestly, I see no way to run this with a normal army list... they are sitting out unless something comes up.

Scout Company: These guys are something of a quandary for me. They are stupid easy to come up with a list for, but the Red Scorpions are well known for their dislike of camouflage, and their scout company is listed as being understrength due to recruitment procedures. Im thinking Ill do a small scout force, max it out at 50 scout models, maybe.

So, the goals in an easily readable format, in the order I want to fill them:

#1. Full 5th Company.
#2. "Scorpion Wing" force, 1500 points.
#3. 8th Company, 1500 points.
#4. Scout Company... either 50ish models or 1500 points, Ill work that out later.
#5. 1500 points of 6th company bikers.
#6. At least one painted example of every entry in the codex.

I chose 1500 points as a reasonable goal to shoot for, I might adjust that number later on.

and finally...
#7. The full Chapter?

No, this is not a realistic goal right now, but if I keep tacking on stuff like this, sooner or later it might be... I mean, right now Im looking at models from at least 5 of the companies... Maybe I should amend that to "Representatives of each Company"...

Ideas, Suggestions, Comments, Questions?

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