Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend work

Im starting to fiend for a game something fierce, and Mikie still cant come out and play (something about helping his roommate I think), thinking I need to hit the bunker this week or something. Anyone up for meeting at the Glen Burnie bunker, or maybe the Arundel Mills GW?

I did some more paint work on the four devastators, think Im up to doing markings now... and I need to clean up their unit badge, looks like I was drunk when I painted it...

I put together another chunk of building, from the Sector set, then went crazy and made a nice three story ruin from the Manufactorium sprues. When I was done with that, there were a few chunks of the roof edge bits left over, so I made a barracade out of them. So, current count out of that box is one small ruin, one medium ruin, and one large ruin, with a few extras... and there are still several sprues that are untouched.

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