Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Revenge of the Random!

Lets see, been a while since I did one of my random posts, bunch of different stuff here...

First, online gaming, for the three of us that care: Mythic (guys who do the Warhammer MMO) is getting a shakeup, I might actually reload my WAR account in the next few months to see if they make it more worth playing. Actually, let me rephrase that. When I played, I enjoyed myself for the most part. I killed my account off a while back, because I wasn't playing it all that much in favor of WoW. Seeing as most of my friends, as well as my wife, were not interested in WAR, I was flying solo, and community is my favorite part of of MMOs. Im expecting them to keep the heavy PvP content, but Id like to hope they add some more PvE stuff to draw in more of the others.

My shelf of current projects was cleaned off last week, with just the Red Scorpions sitting there. I was trying to decide what I wanted to put up there with them, and before work tonight I set up my Imperial Guard. I haven't decided if they are going to stay up there, as I was also considering setting up my Orks.

Another option I was looking at was my Eldar... though working on them is sure to piss my wife off. Why is that, you ask? Because I have exactly two squads of 5 dire avengers and a farseer... which means Id need to buy stuff to make 500 pts, and that would bring down the wrath of the queen of the apartment. ;) Honestly, I cant blame her, finances are never really good, and this is an expensive hobby. :P

Red Scorpions have been getting a tiny amount of love lately, the four remaining devastators have gotten work done on their chapter badges, and Ive mostly assembled the rhino I picked up last week. Just need to add doors and tracks, then glue on some of the brass symbols. Ive been thinking I want a standard look and load for my Rhinos. Whether that's all getting basic equipment or loading them with HK Missiles, I haven't decided. I still need to get three more rhinos and a razorback... and a command squad to fill that razorback. ;)

Everyone has probably heard about the proposed boycott of planetstrike, right? I was trying to decide whether Id participate, when it dawned on me that Ill prolly not buy it for a few months at least, since there is so much other stuff I need to pick up anyways. As far as the reasoning behind it, well... The guys behind it want GW to support books that haven't had an update in a decade. An admirable goal. I agree 100%. The way I see GW looking at it (aside from $$$$), is "hey, we have put out a bunch of Space Marine army books lately, lets give the gamers something different!"... And this *could* be used as an opportunity to promote several armies at once, and put out more plastic terrain... I like this as well.

Of course, the beancounters say "oh nice expansion, MORE SPACE MARINES!".

I really need to get to work on my terrain. The Sector is still sitting in its box, the trees still need to be primed and painted, and the hills are still just primered. Times like this make me consider pulling out my old airbrush and seeing if I can get it to work. That would make the hills (at least) easier.

Guess I should do something work related, seeing as Im at work... ;)

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