Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Gaming... DnD

Well, I got a game in this Sunday, too bad for the blog it was D&D instead of Warhammer. This is my first attempt at running a game with the new edition, but most of it seems to run itself, and that which doesnt... well, Ive got a fairly competent group of gamers.

The story so far: This is the 8th age of the world, the Age of Man. Of course, anytime Man is in charge, everyone else seems to get swept along in the fun. The group is starting at lvl5, and are fairly well respected within the kingdom. They are sell-swords in service to the Academy of Adventurers (a nationally sponsored group of grave robbers and archaeologists) and are sent in to clear out a nest of Gnolls, fight off an unknown challenge under their village, and then place a stone in an altar and the bottom of the cave under the village.

The group begins the trek to the Gnoll village, taking a detour to investigate a pillar of smoke, to discover a burning cottage on the shore, with a few corpses in it. They bury the bodies, and follow some tracks to the killers: some goblins, hobgoblins, and a bugbear. Combat is swift and bloody, none of the goblinoids survive, and their bodies are left to the wilds.

The group gets back on the path to the village, and get fairly close at nightfall. They set up camp and a watch and decide to attack at dawn. The gnolls, however, decide to attack an hour before dawn. Roughly two hundred of the most sickly, wasted looking gnolls ever seen assail our heroes, who valiantly turn the slavering beasts into dogfood. Few of the gnolls survive, and those flee to the hills. The party spends a few hours making a pyre of the dead.

The party rests up, and then descends into the village, which is in some ancient Don'Klohar ruins. The village is basically a corkscrew path into a pit, with doors on the outer edge of the loop. Down near the bottom they find supplies stolen from caravans. At the very bottom, they find a wooden gate into the cave. The gate is shattered, and they hear a shuffling noise from within. With a little work, they discover a pair of Rust Monsters down there. The rust monsters cant get up, and stay out of sight until offered food. The party must get into the cave to complete their mission. Therefore, the Bollywog (humanoid frog) Fighter hops down, and quickly loses his armor, but between him attracting their attention and the rest of the party up top causing damage, the beasts are fairly quickly dealt with. Once they are dealt with, the stone is placed, and they head back to report their success.

Once they arrive, they are informed that the King will be present for their debriefing, and that the Professor that handles their cases will be performing a new type of magic. Once everyone is in and ready, the spell is cast, and the Professor disappears. 15 seconds or so later, he reappears all worn out and dirty, and clutching the stone they had placed in the cave... but much older looking then it was when they put it in. The Professor travelled 2,000 years into the future to get the stone, then returned. Up until this point, Time Magic had been considered impossible. Many are surprised. The real surprise occurs less then a minute after he returns... A large crack from over the city causes the tower to shake, and scares people... everyone runs to the balcony, and sees a floating castle surrounded by a glowing green orb. The castle looks nothing like anything in the world, is roughly five miles from side to side, and has a large mechanical-looking skull face where the gate would be... From behind them, in a scared and shaking voice, the professor says "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Ninth Age"

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