Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Army Ideas

Got two ideas for you guys this week, I have no plans to use them, so they are free game for use/abuse!

First one is the Sons of Frost Space Marine Chapter. I see them as mostly codex... Just that a lot of their equipment is modified to use cold rather then heat. Their flamers and meltaguns actually use liquid nitrogen, and their bolters use a small amount in the ammo as well. Their color scheme is supposed to be cold, blues and whites. No obvious changes on the tabletop, unless you model it. ;)

The second offering is the Reckless Angels. I wouldnt be surprised to see these use the Blood Angels list, or maybe the Black Templars (within reason, of course). They have a preference for flashy actions, lots of melee charges, and failing that, huge explosions. Sadly, sometimes their thirst for glory leads them to take unwise actions, such as using area weaponry close to their brothers in combat. Luckily, Power Armor has saved a great many of those brothers in the line of fire.

*Edit* Im also playing around with the layout of the ol' blog. Let me know what you think!


Tristan said...

Sons of Frost look exactly like my Novamarines. Could I suggest flipping which quarters are white/blue? Not that I care how you paint your mini's. ;)

Anonymous said...

I thought your Sons of Frost was a light silver and blue at first. It just screamed Redbull to me. :D

Ryan said...

Tristan: after I posted this, I was thinking that blue and black would look good as well. In the end, Im not going to do anything with that idea, but someone else could... and they will prolly look here in the comments and get the idea. ;)

Tyler: LOL!

bG said...

Layout is ok, takes a while to load though which might slow folk down.

Could be worth getting disqus so folk can see who is posting by their avatars

Anonymous said...

With the bull cut out on Redbull cans, I've been tempted to make some greenstuff shoulder badged and repaint my Black Reach Marines in the Redbull colors. Sugar free of course.... my Marines ain't sweet.