Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Top Ten #11

I am back from the Frozen North several hours earlier then expected, and so you get an early MTT!

1. Dave Taylor and The Adepts Forge are running a conversion contest for the plastic Lizardman Stegadon. Half the entries are on This page, the other half and the spot to vote is Here!
2. WildHermit has based his Stompa, and shares some of his painted Orks.
3. GBPrime talks about time management and painting models...
4. Jabberjabber found something of interest for everyone who plays with or against units labeled Beasts...
5. Adam shows us how he converted twin linked flamers for Tau Crisis Suits.
6. Even if you dont play BFG, take a look at the Necropolis that Darkwing converted. I love the hanging city!
7. Goatboy rants about the new IG codex.
8. Cannonfodder shows a converted Eldar Exodite Avatar.
9. Mike gives a quick and dirty tutorial on masking... without salt!
10. BigRed at BoLS shows us some pics of an amazing team of gamers from Adepticon 2009. Known as the Mournival, they brought the Sons of Horus and the Luna Wolves out. If anyone knows if any of these gentlemen have a website, let me know and Ill add a link!


eriochrome said...

Nice list again. Always swing by to see if I missed anything really good. I see that I have to raise my game to get a post up there now that FtW has really made everyone away of all the different 40K blogs out there.

RonSaikowski said...

I always check to see if I'm on there... but it is tougher with FTW acting as a collection point.

You do have to up your game to get in each week. I better get to work.

Ryan said...

Yeah, it is getting more difficult to find blogs that are not a part of the FtW group... though, to be honest, I never actually look at the blog Im linking to see if it is a member or not.

Wildhermit said...

Woot I made the list :)

I think the FTW and the BoLS groups are great. In combination with this it really unites the blogging 40k community nicely.