Sunday, April 12, 2009

Escalation Type Project

Mikie has his first 500 points of Wood Elves ready to go, and I spent a good part of yesterday in the in-laws kitchen, assembling Dwarfs. Ive got 500pts of models ready to go. Im thinking we will probably get our first game at this point value in next weekend.

Current plan is that the troops will be staying the same (aside from being added to), though Im pushing for the characters to stay as well... just the "optionals" changing as needed (optionals being mounts, magic items, and wierd stuff).

My list so far is:

Thane w/ shield
14 Warriors w/hand weapons, shields, full command
10 Thunderers w/ shields, full command
1 Cannon w/Engineer

At first I was trying to decide if it were cheesy to take a cannon at this small of a point value, then I realized that he is playing Wood Elves, most of his army skirmishes... Ill be lucky to nail more then two or three of the prancing tree huggers at once!

We are still discussing what sort of increments we will be adding, but it looks like 100-125 at a time, every two months. Very slow additions, but leaves plenty of time to test our lists and decide what else to add.


Anonymous said...

Apologies to Ryan, i'm resisting set lists right now. I'm still learning Fantasy, so i want to figure out all the squad options and hero choices as this escalates.

Right now my 500pts consists of;
LVL 1 SpellSinger with some magic arrows and a spite
10 Glade Guard
8 Dryads
and 6 Glade Riders

Battalion box models so far. I'll be testing out the different command options for each squad as we go up, as well as what magic items to give heroes. Also i'll be testing out and getting used to the Lore of Athel Loren, an interesting mix of abilities.
I've already assembled a couple more Glade Riders and Dryads for high points values, with more Glade Guard to come.
I doubt i'll have as many skirmishers as he fears, my idea is a Winter theme which seems to focus around Eternal Guard. So i'll have some ranked units for him to fight against.
I'm still torn on what my 2250 list will end up as, mostly just going to try things out and see what feels right.


Ryan said...

Well, at 500 points you have a single unit that ranks up, and thats the fast cav. I dont feel bad for the cannon at this point value right now... though with the other contenders...