Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quick Weekend Post

Ive been struck by inspiration and boy did it hurt.... I swear, inspiration must have a sock full of quarters or something.

Anyways, Ive got that VSgt Culln model from the Vanguard set, and Ive decided to convert it into the Chapter Master of the Red Scorpions, Hondus Ect.

However... Ive decided to actually make with the pictures and whatnot, and post it all on the blog, as a thank you to you all. Thank you for what? For getting me to 1,000 hits. As of right now we are sitting at just over 900, so Id better get crackin, huh?

Before people get crazy with the whole "jump packs are a waste for a Chapter Master, cuz of his Honor Guard", Im going to point out that no where does it say he has to join that unit, and that Marnius Calgar is allowed to take three such units. He cant join them all, and they are not allowed to join each other. That makes me think that they are an entirely separate unit (at least until GW clarifies).

Tomorrow night, while at work Im planning on writing out the background I have in mind for Hondus Ect, and hopefully if someone knows that there is a different Chapter Master for the Red Scorpions already (say in the IA6 that Ive not had a chance to purchase yet), they will let me know. :)

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