Monday, February 23, 2009

Lord Commander Hondus Ect

Hondus Ect is the current Chapter Master of the Red Scorpions Space Marine chapter. He has held this prestigious position for roughly ninety years now. He was promoted to the position upon the death of the previous Lord Commander, from his position as Commander of the second company.

Scant hours after the ceremony, the Red Scorpions were called in to aid against the Astral Claws, in what would become known as the Badab War. Due to the Red Scorpions reputation as being suspicious of all other Imperial fighting forces, and the perceived lack of experience of their Chapter Master, they were assigned mainly to space lane duties. This did not stop Ect from proving his worth, as the Executioners received no mercy during their battles. To this day, even though the Executioners have received the Emperor's forgiveness, there is a bitter hatred between the Chapters.

Ect believes in complete tactical flexibility, and that the word of the Codex is the only word worth listening to. He, like the vast majority of the chapter, are mighty and proud warriors, and fight viciously to preserve their honor and the honor of the Emperor. Ect bears the traditional blade of the Lord Commander, the 'Imperial Might', an ancient blade said to have been presented to the first Lord Commander from an unknown source. He normally takes to combat with a jump pack, willing and able to commit anywhere the fighting is thickest.


I decided to build Ect when I was looking at the VSgt Culln model, but I knew I had to make some changes. I decided to use the shoulder pads from the tac squad upgrade kit, since they are fancier, and the helmet from there as well, since the Aquila was larger. I decided against a grenade launcher and digital weapons because they seem a bit too sneaky for the Red Scorpions. I figured Id better give him a decent melee weapon, since he will be assaulting more often with a jump pack. My first though was a Lightning Claw, since Im not a huge fan of giving models with a higher initive a power fist. Once I decided on that, I was torn between a stormbolter or a combi-weapon of some sort. I finally decided on the stormbolter, since the bolter portion of the combi-weapons are rapid fire (and that means no charging). However, as I was locating bits, I discovered one of those large power swords from the Ravenwing sprue... and his lightning claw was instantly replaced with a Relic Blade.

When I get around to ordering more bits, I plan to make a foot version of Ect, though that may be more interesting, as Im going to have to "greenstuff" details on the legs, like the fancy kneepads and the emblem on his leg.

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