Sunday, February 8, 2009

More Random Fun

Ive got a few things I want to chew on with this post, so it may ramble a bit in places... like usual.

Tactical Analysis.
I was handed my second defeat with my Red Scorpions this weekend, and this time I cant blame the Orks or the terrain (at least not so much). Their record is now 3/2/1. So, why did I lose this time? Mikie getting better? Tactical mistakes? Bad dice? Bad list?

I think I can rule out the list, its served me well so far. For those that dont know, it looks something like this:

Chaplain with Jump Pack
Tactical Squad with Missile Launcher, Plasmagun, VSgt with Power Sword
Tactical Squad with Heavy Bolter, Flamer, VSgt with Power Fist, Stormbolter
Assault Squad (10) with 2 plasma pistols, VSgt with Power Fist, Plasma Pistol
Devastator Squad (6) with 2 Plasma Cannon, 2 Missile Launchers.

Dice certainly had an effect, mainly the one for reserves. That was roughly 30% of my force that didnt show up until it was too late to do anything. I think the main thing that lost it, was that I put the unit in reserve. I think that from now on, if I reserve the assault squad, Ill combat squad it, so I have a better chance of getting something, though I might just say forget it and have them deploy as usual.

I picked up the Lizardmen army book yesterday. Ive poked through it some, but not too much. Im planning on doing that tonight here at work. I used to hate them with a passion, mainly because of that horrific blue color scheme (Im from Arizona, our lizards are most definitely not blue). However, I picked up a Saurus commander a few years back, and painted him green with a bone colored underside, and Ive been half tempted to paint more that way as well... But I loathe the "Scooby Doo" Cold Ones... I havnt decided if they were as bad as the "reptilian cattle" cold ones that the Dark Elves had, but I didnt like either of them. Now the Dark Elves have sweet new Cold Ones, and the lizards are stuck with their crappy one. I also wasnt fond of the "Toad on a skipping stone" but that has grown on me, it doesnt look as bad as it used to. I might consider a foot saurus army for fantasy, if Keith and Mikie and I ever get around to it.

Ive got a decent chunk of Cryxian models for Warmachine, and a Cygnar starter set. Whats unusual for these forces of mine is that they are all painted or nearly all. Ive got a unit of the cyber-centaur things that need to be finished and thats it. Considering all the other painting projects Ive slacked off on, thats pretty amazing. I also like the rules and background for that game, so maybe Ill get Mikie or Keith to try it out.... or I could cart them over when Disorderly's Tyrant does his next get together thing.

They have gotten the love from GW lately, havnt they? I have an opinion (who doesnt?) that everyone who is addicted to the game should have either an Ork army, an IG army, or maybe a Tyranid army, in addition to what ever they play (assuming its not normally one of those three). Why? In the background, the IG and Greenskins are the armies most likely to be faced by dint of quantity. If your forces are (by fluff) more towards the galactic east, then Tyranids are also likely to be faced. Id also add the Lost and the Damned to that list, if there was a current army list for them. If everyone ran something like one of those three every so often, we wouldnt see so many of these silly Space Marine vs Space Marine battle #43128. Anyways, playing my greenskins this weekend reminded me how fun they can be. Definite end game army, they get battered on the way over, and make me think they cant pull it off, then they get into melee, and remind me they not only can they win, they probably will.

Ok, time to go start drawing up my list for tomorrow's Monday Top Ten.


eriochrome said...

I do not know if I would combat squad the assault squad. With the new assault response moves, 5 assault marines might have trouble winning combats which is especially important against orks forcing them to take those no retreat saves.

A comment on the list you seem to be totally lacking in anti heavy tank. Was this a tailored list or do you not see things with Armor 13/14

Ryan said...

Yeah, I think Id only really "CS" the assault squad if they were Deep Striking in again, just so I have a better chance at getting something before the end of the game.

I dont really consider a trio of missile launchers to be totally useless against armor, but most of my sergeants and the chaplain also have meltabombs. At 1k points, I figure thats about all I really need. But, for my upgrade to a 1250 list, Im adding a tac squad with lascannon and meltagun. So far, in games this size, Ive faced rhinos, immolators, and a devilfish.