Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Top Ten #2

Once again, my list of the Top 10 most interesting posts this week. If I keep having troubles cutting the list down, I might have to go top 15-20 or something!!

In no particular order:
1. Natsirtm takes the limited fluff available for the Novamarines and shows it who is boss.
2. Ron's tip for combating base sinkage is pretty nice, Ill be using that for my next army!
3. No fluff like the old fluff, as Drax kindly shows.
4. Dave Taylor's Blood Pact forces make the renegade IG Ive been working on jealous.
5. An impressive Belial conversion from SovietSpace.
6. While we are talking about the Deathwing, a terminator apothecary by Eriochrome.
7. Drax's Wyvern tank variants brings all the boyz to the yard... then blasts them to hell.
8. BigRed at BoLS gives painting advice. Im a drybusher myself, but playing with some layering.
9. Deffcopta conversion from Mike. "If it aint converted, it aint Orky!"
10. Last but not least, JabberJabber gives tactical insight on Plague Marines. Considering pulling out my "Purge" force again.... I have too many armies!!

Again, this isnt a "best of the web", this is what I think looked most interesting or useful. Enjoy!


natsirtm said...

Hey man, thanks for the nod. I posted up the IA I submitted as part of the To4G challenge I was in. Would appreciate your comments when you have a minute.

eriochrome said...

Thanks for the kind word about the Apothecary. I do think he turned out nicely. I hope to get him at least based soon but I do not even have a paint scheme chosen for my termis so he will have to wait a while for painting. I got an old squad of metal termis getting ready for a base coat and the brush hopefully this weekend.