Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Forge World bits

My Forge World order arrived today!

So, lets see, is everything accounted for?

Brass Etch sheet? Check (and the dreadnaught is now marked)

Veteran upgrade kit? Check (last four Dev marines done, and Ive started work on the other tactical squad)

Vanguard squad? Che... hrm. All the resin bits are there. The plastic sprues are there, kinda. The sprue thats missing is the one with the jump packs and torsos. This screws up the plans I had for this set.

My choices here are this:
1. Use the Vanguard marines as is, as assault marines.
2. Use the Vanguard marines as is, as Vanguard Vets.
3. Save the parts, and pick up more assault marines.

Option three is my prefered right now. However, doing that adds something else to the situation: five sets of running marine legs. Im considering using those legs for half of the tac squad Im working on right now, then using the five legs set aside as the beginings of a fourth tactical squad.

Im also considering option two, just because Im eventually going to be adding Vanguard Vets anyways.


eriochrome said...

So were you expecting them to send you 5 resin jump packs and 5 plastic jump packs for your 5 assault marines.

natsirtm said...

I would say option 3. Check out my Space Sharks pics, I have used a number of running legs for those tactical squads and it makes them look rock hard! I can take some close up pics or whatnot if you wanna see.

Ryan said...

@Eriochrome, I was kinda expecting the full assault squad set for some odd reason. :)

@Natsirtm, Yeah, Ive done it before/seen it done elsewhere, and it does look good. It just throws my plans off a little bit.