Friday, November 8, 2013

Storm Fists Fluff

One of the things I changed with the new version of my Storm Fists was their background. I wanted to make it so I could test out different Chapter Tactics, or if I got really crazy, try other Codexes. First thing to go was their link to the Imperial Fists... But I didnt want them to be the typical "we dont know where our geneseed comes from, and we dont care", like the Red Scorpions or other Chapters out there.

So, this is what Ive come up with so far. Like my colors, this might change a bit still...

The Storm Fists are an ancient Chapter, that much is obvious. They are mentioned in battle reports and histories across the galaxy, some dating back over eight thousand years, yet their own archives are barren, having only notes and firsthand records from the past seven hundred years. 

What is known is that about a thousand years ago, seven companies were attacked and destroyed on their Chapter Planet, with all records, relics, and materiel destroyed. A single distress call was sent, and received by the remainder of the Chapter. When the Storm Fists arrived, they discovered a charred husk of a planet, and a massive Chaos fleet waiting for them. 

Deciding it better to conserve their strength and claim vengeance when they were better prepared, the Storm Fists withdrew. However, the Thousand Sons were not done yet. They pursued and dogged the loyalists at every step for over a century. Setting traps at jump points, and attacking when the survivors attempted to collect supplies, the Storm Fists were whittled down to just over a company. Eventually, the Thousand Sons called upon their daemonic allies, who managed to breach the Gellar field, and gain access to the battle barge's Librarium and Reclusium, burning all the remaining relics of the Chapter to ash, before being banished.

Finally deciding that there was no hope to rebuild with being constantly pursued, the Storm Fists made their final stand on an airless moon. As they waited for their doom, they discovered the Thousand Sons had abandoned the chase...

As the Chapter began to rebuild, they discovered that while their brothers were battle hardened, they were all young (by Space Marine standards), none having known where their homeworld was. And with the loss of their histories and relics, there was no way to know where they came from. This could not stand, so their new Chapter Master declared a quest, for the Chapter to search high and low, leaving no stone unturned in their quest to reclaim any and all knowledge of their origins and history.

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