Friday, November 15, 2013


The voices echoed throughout the large throne room.
"My Lord, I wish I could help, but you come as an Inquisitor, seeking records sealed by the Inquisition, but refuse to use your Inquisitorial authority to have the records turned over to you? Even if I wanted to, there is nothing I could do for you in this case." This figure is a portly gentleman, seated lazily on the throne, a clear yet slightly less ornate replica of the one on Terra.

The response comes from a sinister man, dressed in black and leathers, the insignia of the Holy Inquisition prominent on his wide-brimmed hat. "Governor Haestoff, I do not seek these records for my own use, thus my authority is limited. However, my allies will be most... displeased if you continue to obstruct our access, and their authority, or lack thereof, is of less concern to them in this case."

"Hah! Your allies? Is the Inquisition truly bringing the Imperial Guard back to Donos? For some records Id be forced to give you if you had the proper authority? Look around, Inquisitor! All these murals and tapestries chronicle our glorious history of standing up to Imperial domination! We work for you now, but it is in our blood to stand and fight! Four hundred years we held you off! I dare you to try again! Give us our reason to stand against you!"

Sighing, the Inquisitor took a step back, and touched a button on his throat. "This is Saine, the Governor is being unhelpful. I suspect a display of your 'authority' is in order." A static-laden reply, one word came back: *Acknowledged*. Inquisitor Saine looked up at Planetary Governor Haestoff, and gave a sad smile. "I actually tried to spare you this lesson..."

The throne room suddenly dropped in temperature, frost forming on nearby surfaces. An odd keening sound erupted out of nowhere, and a globe of unlight formed in the center of the chamber... With dawning terror, Governor Haestoff looked to the most recent and bitterly hated of the murals,  the one depicting Space Marines in black and bronze ending Donos' four hundred year rebellion in a single night of blood and terror.

As the squad of Storm Fist Terminators teleported in, they targeted and opened fire on the rebellious Governor.