Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekend work

So, before the weekend began, I had exactly 6 clanrats, 1 weapon team, and a Warlock Engineer painted. I was proud of my "one model a day" pattern, as I had progress! Something that has been missing from my table lately. So, I decided this weekend I wanted to step it up some, and shoot for 5 models a day, maybe push a little extra and finish that unit!

Instead, I finished that first unit on Friday night. Saturday was a lazy day for me, and I decide Id start work on the next unit... Maybe get the first rank done! Id already shattered my painting goal for the weekend, so anything extra was gravy. Apparently I really like gravy...

Two units of clanrats, with attached weapon teams done now, plus the (not in this pic) Warlock Engineer.. TOTALLY DESTROYED my weekend painting goal... Oh, and I started work on the Rat Ogres too. Lets see if I can keep this momentum going!

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