Monday, May 27, 2013

Running the Rats

Today I played my first two games with the Skaven... Decided I should get my impressions and ideas down, maybe learn from my experiences. As usual, no battle report (since I suck at those), just notes.

My list in both games was:
Warlord w/ Halberd, Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Preservation

Warlock Engineer w/lvl2, Warpmusket, Warlock Optics, 2 Warpstone Tokens

20 Clanrats w/Spears, Shields, Full Command
Poison Wind Mortar

20 Clanrats w/Hand Weapons, Shields, Full Command
Warpfire Thrower

20 Stormvermin w/Shields, Full Command

2 Rat Ogres
Master Moulder w/Shockprod

Total 996

Game #1
Skaven vs Empire, 1,000 points.

My joke for this game was "everything is working as intended!", this includes the Warpfire Thrower forming a mushroom cloud the first time I attempted to fire it, the Warlock Engineer miscasting his first spell and later running off the table (after his clanrat unit was shredded), and the stormvermin failing a charge, but the Clanrats making an even longer one at the same time. In short, I was tabled, but had fun.

Game #2
Skaven and Empire vs Lizardmen (1k+1k vs 2k)
This game worked out better, not great, but I did get a better feel for how things work. Ended up with a few units from the "alliance" against a unit of Temple Guard w/ Slann and a unit of Saurus.

So, thoughts: Warlord needs to drop the magic shield, it was completely useless (he had a unit to soak fire, and used the halberd in melee). As a 90 (base) point Lord, he performed decently. Took apart what needed to be killed, and boosted leadership when able.

Warlock Engineer needs the pistol instead of the musket. Move or Fire is a pain, especially when I hide him in a unit. Optics were a bit of a waste as well, but might be better if I dont have to decide between moving and shooting. The tokens, however, got used in both games, with no harm. In both games he got Warp Lightning and Death Frenzy. I need larger clanrat units to cast that spell on...

Speaking of the Clanrats, they performed... adequately. Could have used another rank or two in each unit, though.

The Stormvermin could have used another rank or two as well, and maybe a hero to help cause some casualties. Otherwise, not all that bad.

Weapon teams... Im not a fan of Move or Fire, but the Warpfire Thrower still managed to cause some damage, including overshooting the Kroxigor unit and killing a Salamander. The Poison Wind Mortar is quickly turning into my favorite, scuttle and lob, and wounding on 4+!

The Rat Ogres didnt get much of a fair shake. First game they got tossed off to the side, and forgotten for a couple turns, then they got lit up by a Helblaster. In the second game I used them as a speed bump against the Temple Guard. Dont think they need the Master Moulder at this point value.

So... Room for improvement, and Ive got a few places to start. Think I will try to get another game or two in before looking to raise game sizes.

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