Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Horrible Rebirth

++Near the Badab Sector++

The tiny craft of obviously alien origin floated in the darkness, watching a tragedy unfold. The pilot activates his communication device. "My Lord, it is as you foresaw. The Mon-keigh bearing red and flame designs are firing upon those in silver and blue."

The reply came a short while later, betraying a great distance between those communicating. "Sad, but expected. Let us mark the beginning of the fall of two great enemies of our enemies. And the beginning of their horrible rebirth."

The scout watches for a short while before replying: "Farseer, this fight makes no sense. They bear the same symbols of their empire, shout the same battle cries, they should be allies, should they not?"

"We both know how pride can lead to a fall. Some fall a great distance, as we did. Others fall not so far, as one of these will learn. Other falls, well, the other force here will learn that even in falling, there is the capability to fight the Great Enemy."

-Edited on advice from Silar-

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