Monday, August 27, 2012

Wargaming News Rant

You remember that saying, "if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything"? Often gets ignored in the face of "being honest". Today, that is what Im gonna do. Be honest. I have another saying. "The right to true Freedom of Speech comes with the responsibility to know when to shut up". You notice how I go long whiles between posts? Its because I dont have anything to say, and dont feel like driving my visit counter up with trash. Granted, some of the posts I do put up are trash, but its trash where I say something that sounds useful to myself. And almost always original (somewhat).

This weekend, there were DOZENS of posts showing the new Dark Vengeance set, with typical "drool drool" posts. Nearly every single one of those could have been cut and pasted from a source document with minor changes. I agree, that set is drool worthy, and I threw money at GW within 10 minutes of it being available on their website.

My point, however, is that this happens EVERY SINGLE TIME SOMETHING COOL SHOWS UP. Colossals? Check. Dropzone Commander? Check. Space Hulk? Check. Look, boys and girls, we know we all are hopeless geeks. Comes with the blog. But, why not post something original and new, instead of artificially drive up your count with cut/paste pics of studio models? "But what about those people that didnt know?" Uhh, how did you find out? Probably the same way I did. One of several blogs that do news aggregation right. Before I drive off too many more followers, Ill leave a list of links.

These three are tops I know of:
Tabletop Gaming News
Tabletop Fix
Faeit 212

There is also, but Ill admit Im not so fond of:
Bell of Lost Souls
Blood of Kittens

And if nothing else, there is Twitter. Do a search for the #Warmongers, and ask, or if you are truly bored, I am there as @TheBlueHeretic. If there are other sites that should be on the list, leave a comment. Otherwise, Ill practice responsibility now.


Siph_Horridus said...

My my that is a rant... but fair. I know exactly what you mean. Take a chill pill, paint some more cool stuff and we'll visit again to see what. Enjoy the Bank Holiday (UK)

Spyrle said...

I do know what you mean, there are several blogs I follow with 100 or so followers that regularily post news that has been posted elsewhere, often a day or two later. It doesn't mean I'll stop following them, but it means I'm not going to check out that blog until something that interests me comes up.

It does irk me that I have to sort through those sort of posts as I look for interesting and original content.

I guess what I am saying is that if you have a few followers, say less than 1000, you can probably assume most of them follow and vist sites like Faeit 212, BoLS etc.

eriochrome said...

I notice that the contents of Forge World newsletters are reposted like 5-6 different times every time they come out.

I had the requisite dark vengeance post but I just noted that the miniature count and general types were the same as the last set that was 66% less. I also noted that I have no interest in chaos and all the marines I can use while I could get 240 minis from multiple genres in the Reaper Bones kickstarter for the same price.