Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tyranid Colors

As I mentioned before, Im trying to decide on a new 40k army. Tyranids seem to be in the lead currently, so I picked up a box of cheap termagants, so I could test color schemes.

I make no promises about the models here. I half-assed the clean up and the paint job. I just wanted to see how the colors would look around the appropriate areas.

 I posted these pics on Twitter, and the consensus seems to be tied between the red and black (Behemoth splinter fleet), and the green (Naga?). I got exactly one vote for the tan (Hive Fleet Sphinx)
Of course, I like the Sphinx colors best. Im thinking if I go with this one, the green spots will be on the "skin" rather then the shell, but only near the shelled areas.

Oh, and the Wife's vote was for red and black. She makes a good argument that it is the most striking, and distinctive scheme, and it was the quickest to paint.


J said...

I like the shell sections on the Sphinx scheme. A darker ski" would give them the contrast they need. Use the black skin there, or a very dark grey or blue. If you want the spots on the skin, just use the darker color for the shell. The spots are a great detail, and the colors look great on the shell parts.

Ryan C said...

Thanks. I think I have actually decided to go with the red and black colors. I finished off that first termagant in half the time it took me to do the tan one. However, I am thinking that some of the bigger beasts will get the spot treatment. :)

TheGraveMind said...

To be honest, I never liked it when the carapace is lighter than the exoskeleton. I don't really know why, but kind of a top heavy look to it if that makes sense. I do like the sphinx colors the best (kind of similar to mine) but having both parts of the body to be almost the same color is a little plain and needs some contrast.

Really it comes down to what do you like, how much are you willing to paint, and how much do you care about the opinion of others.