Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vacation plans

So, I am taking another week of vacation, starting next week. Only this time, I am not going anywhere!

I have decided I want to do something productive during this time, so I took a quick look at my projects, and quickly found one I could finish over the week... My Red Scorpions!

Every model is painted up to the basic grey that I use, so it is all yellows, boltguns, and details that remain. The number of models that need this treatment? 34: 20 tactical marines, 5 devastators, 5 command squad, and 4 honor guard. That is just 7 models a day! If I do some work before then, I could cut that daily number even further down.

My hope is that once these are finished, Ill finally pick up that last assault squad and 4 razorback kits I need to finish my 5th Company. Once I finish those additions, I can move onto the fun stuff!

Now, lets hope I can stick with this plan!