Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Doesnt it just figure?

Today my Warmachine 2-Player Battle Box arrived. I got all excited looking through all the models, since those in the box plus what Ive already got for the Protectorate and Khador means both forces need a solo each to be playable 35 point forces. (Note I didnt say good, or even effective ones). I was just settling into deciding which to work on first (probably those Cinerators), when I noticed an email that had come in...

It turns out that my local gaming shop is having a Wrath event on the 23rd. 35 points, as many games as you can squeeze in. Different lists are encouraged for each game, since there is a bonus for playing with 5 different Warcasters. I can not do that with Khador or the Protectorate. Back to Cryx!

Looking at the bonus points, there was only one list dependent one I couldnt pull off with my existing Cryx collection: Five Warcasters. Ive got 4 currently. Since another of the bonus points comes from playing a game with a single battle group (as in, all 'jacks), I figure this would be the best time for me to pick up Mortenebra.

Right now, I am writing up 5 lists, so I can make sure all the needed models are painted properly.


HuronBH said...

What store is this tournament at? Sounds like an interesting format.

Ryan said...

Games and Stuff, in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

Stahly said...
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Ryan said...

Stahly: I appreciate your interest in getting me to join your network. However, I think the way you presented this to be extremely rude.

In the future, you may wish to email a blog owner to present this, rather then dropping a comment bomb.

While my blog is mostly painting-centric, you managed to pick the one post that had almost nothing to do with painting. I hope you understand why I am removing your comment. I will consider joining your network though.

Thanks for visiting! :)