Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Imagine my surprise when I got an email saying that Id been awarded one of those Stylish Blogger Awards. Made me wonder if they had mistyped the email address to whom they were sending it.

And yet, a second one popped up.... I do believe this means there were two sets of parents who stuck their babies inside the dryer, instead of on top of it.

...Anyways. Lets do this right, shall we? The rules for this game are simple (makes a nice change from the game we usually play!). Thank the person(s) who nominated you. Share seven things about yourself. Select 10-15 blogs who you think deserve this award. Contact them.

Thank you, Col Gravis and MiCho, you are gentlemen amongst bloggers. If I missed anyone else who nominated me, my apologies, Having 150+ posts to read a day means the occasional factoid gets missed.

My seven facts:
1. My ADD isnt limited to just my hobby, I was diagnosed ADHD as a small child, and failed to grow out of it.
2. I am allergic to popcorn. (Only enough that I get a runny nose and itchy eyes though.)
3. I have an ex-wife, and two ex-step-daughters. I still miss the girls from time to time.
4. I hate Starbucks with a burning passion.
5. My fingernails grow very fast, and very strong. My wife hates me for that.
6. I dislike most fruits, and love eating most vegetables. In the same vein, the only sugar-laden treat I eat/drink is my Dr Pepper addiction.
7. I am a serious asshole if I dont think before speaking. This is half the reason I tend to keep my mouth shut in social situations.

This is where I am supposed to link 10-15 blogs that I think are deserving of this award.... But, you know what? I link 10 awesome blogs each week, I think I will take a pass on this one. ;)

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