Saturday, July 17, 2010

Starting work on the Empire

Tomorrow morning I am heading out to my local GW to get an Empire Battalion box set, and likely another comparatively cheap box/blister pack. Im trying to decide between a Cannon, more Handgunners, a Warrior Priest or a box of Mages.

Today I spent a good amount of time working on that Valten model Ive been hoarding for years now. I really like how he is turning out, but my camera refuses to take a decent picture. Bleh. Anyway, he will make a good Captain for low point games, and a nice General for higher.

So, the expanded idea for my Empire army is to base it around Altdorf and the Reikland. Altdorf is home to the Church of Sigmar, the Reiksguard, and the Colleges of Magic. I want to say there is another Knightly Order around there, but I cant remember off the top of my head. The only significant organizations not represented are the College of Engineers and the Church of Ulric. This works out that my state troops wear either off white, or red and blue uniforms (except the Carroburg Greatswords!). I am planning that any war machines will wear the standard uniforms, but engineers will wear the colors of Nuln. The end result will be a riot of colors. How am I going to tie it all together as a cohesive army? Good question. Not entirely sure yet, besides basing.

Coincidentally, this gives plenty of fluff reasons to include all the special characters besides Luthor Huss, and its even possible for him to be in the area, spreading the word of Sigmar's return. However, I do want to create a character of my own to be the leader when the Emperor and his cronies are busy elsewhere, thus enters Klaus Franz, nephew of the Emperor, and General of the Empire. I am thinking that cool Captain with the hammer and pistol will be the base for this model.


sonsoftaurus said...

Sounds like a good start!

Engineer Jeff said...

I hear ya man. Those battalion deals are pretty decent. I'm eyeballing a dwarven battalion for purchase this weekend..

Oh, the plastic crack addiction!