Monday, April 12, 2010

Working on stuff...

Im not dead yet!

The ol blog thing may look like I am, but I subscribe to the thought that if I dont have something to say, Im not going to put up filler.

My Red Scorpions are finished (for now!), and Im hoping to get some pictures up of them soon. Ive got the High Elves on the desk now, taking up space until I get a real project to work on. Ive got an idea for one, but Im not gonna talk about it, as every time I do talk about a potential project, I lose interest (see nearly every army Ive talked about here). Once Ive got some models and slapped some paint on them, Ill talk about it.

Been reading the new Blood Angels codex, the number of options possible is staggering... Sadly, the one build I am most interested in you cant put into a single force org chart. Thats right, a Codex Battle Company. That is the downside of putting Assault Squads in the Troops section. Oh well. Half tempted to do something anyways. The way they did the Sanguinary Priests is amusing, tempted to rewrite my Master Apothecary from before, just for fun...

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Death 0F Angels said...

Havent posted on mine for like 4 months :(. Bought a house and havent picked up a brush since. Some downtime isnt always a bad thing though, even if the blog suffers. I find i get all exited with new project and burn out way too fast. Especially since i droped out of WoW.